My current project  has become a very personal journey to me and the creation of my designs and artwork has been extremely helpful to my own healing process after suffering recent health issues myself.

The mandala is a spiritual symbol from the Buddhist faith, it is a sacred, circular, symmetrical pattern that can be “understood in two different ways: externally as a visual representation of the universe or internally as a guide for several practices that take place in many Asian traditions, including meditation” (Invaluable, 2018). Reflection occurs in more than one way within a mandala design, as a circular symmetrical pattern reflecting round on its axis, and as a deeper meaning of reflection on your inner self, mental health and wellbeing on both the creator and audience of the art. Within my designs I harness this form of inner reflection and peace as your eyes are drawn into the centre of the mandala.

My research led me to gain my inspiration from natural mandalas that occur naturally in the universe, by looking to nature to witness forms of organic mandalas, from flowers, tree rings, a pebble thrown into a pond, seashells and snails. This has allowed me to extract the reflective symmetrical, geometric shapes and patterns of these naturally made objects to construct my healing mandala designs. Freely drawing and designing these mandalas patterns was a very therapeutic process, which gave me time for relaxation and self-reflection.

The perception of colour can be a highly subjective experience, which can trigger individual emotions and memories. As a textile designer I show this through my exploration and massive love for colour and pattern, presenting this idea through the colour palette for this project. My colour scheme is also very closely inspired from nature and the natural world because of the positive effects that are offered from the use of biophilic colours and designs. Within my designs, I have used natural indigo dye, due to its positive effects on the environment and user. Traditionally believed to have been used to heal and protect over history, offering physical healing properties such as being placed on burns and cuts to aid the healing process.  As well as using bright eye-catching colours to draw in the viewer, in order to bring a sense of calm, comfort and reflection that a mandala can already offer.

I hope you enjoy my work!